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Welcome to AOK,

I want to introduce you to the best of 3 organizations…. Acts of Kindness (AOK) a 3-piece organization newly created to do great things. The focus of this massive creation was to inspire, support, educate, supplement and uplift families. My name is Rae Harris and I am the founder. I have consistently been a part of charity and human services since I could walk with a motto of “Every day I find some way to give back to my community”.

AOK’s mission is set to do great things in the 2015-2016 fiscal year. Within the operation there are five major components to the AOK mission; however, the launch is focused on the four core elements: QOL food pantry, Dry Bottoms diaper bank and Kindness Corps service programs which are the initial three key areas of service and the fourth is AOK grants and awards.

AOK has a vision to reshape communities nationwide by using the power of collaborative philanthropic impact, using literal acts of  kindness to fulfill its’ mission. AOK focuses on always having an open door with an open heart, letting the community know it’s a ok. The Asset Based Community Development model teaches that all are capable of change and uplifting when provided the necessary tools. AOK will serve as this tool by supporting families in an effort to reshape communities in Michigan.

AOK hosts programs that continue to bring value to thriving communities searching for change. Quality of Life, also recognized as QOL, is known for giving a hand up, not a hand out. This food program focuses on ensuring you to have a nutritious meal daily. Dry Bottoms (DB) diaper bank, ensures no wet bottoms left behind. From zero *“to infinity and beyond”, this program keeps bottoms clean, dry and healthy.  We leave the best for last,  our Kindness Corps brings the pow back to your community with no community left behind. Carrying a belief system to develop the world through kindness, compassion and care: one community at a time. Kindness is all around you, if we serve it, kindness serves life. AOK grants and awards will reduce poverty through philanthropic gifts of kindness. The purpose is to issue grants, awards and giveaways that will uplift, motivate, revitalize and cheer up our communities, leaving no one left behind. These and other programs are hosted through Acts of Kindness Organization and Foundation. A true community development organization where the ultimate goal is to demonstrate that kindness can serve life.

AOK invites the community to come in and come together to be the change they want to see. Whether it’s through food, diapers, service or a development tool, together these programs under this organization allow a community to fulfill its dream for change. Each day is dedicated to a smiling face and a happy family. Let us show you it’s A.O.K.! Each member of Acts of Kindness is bound to the Kindness Value System. The system is simple. Speak, Show and always be Sincere.

I encourage you to join the movement and help uplift our community through Acts of Kindness. All donations can be mailed to AOK address is 24123 Greenfield Rd., Suite 211, Southfield, MI 48075 or can be sent via PayPal.




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